Eggs are available at the farmgate year-round. For large orders please call ahead.

Pork can be ordered by the whole, half, or by the cut (limited quantities) and is available in the fall.

For more information or to order, please contact us

Poultry raised on pasture are healthy and robust. This ain’t your grocery store chicken and turkey! The meat is much more flavorful and firmer than factory raised birds. Our chickens and turkeys forage for fresh greens, grubs and insects while enjoying locally milled grains to supplement. No antibiotics or hormones are used. Our poultry is processed at a government inspected facility.

We raise poultry for the table a few times per year, quantities are limited. Please order in advance.

Pastured Poultry

Pigs are intelligent creatures who have a natural inclination to root and forage. Pigs raised industrially live on concrete in small pens that limit movement. Our acres of bush and overgrown pasture make an ideal natural habitat for our Berkshire pigs. Not only does this provide them with a fantastic quality of life, it benefits us by clearing and fertilizing marginal farmland. In the fall of 2014 we pastured the boys beside our main garden and they overturned the sod to expand our planting area - they are natural 'rooto-tillers'. Our pork is processed at a local government-inspected abattoir. The flavour and texture of the meat is excellent and we can all feel good about how they were raised.

Pastured Pork

Fresh Eggs

Our happy hens are free to forage and scratch, dust bathe and generally act like chickens should.  There is no need for debeaking or medicated food as is the case with chickens living in crowded industrial farming conditions. Our girls have plenty of space to roam and cozy coops to safely roost in at night. We do not force winter laying with artificial light. We allow broody hens to hatch the occasional clutch.

The Chantecler chicken is a Canadian heritage dual-purpose breed, known for their ability to thrive in our cold winters and keep laying through the coldest months. Plymouth Barred Rocks are known for their large brown eggs and friendly personalities. Ameracauna chickens add beautiful blue and green eggs to the basket and Black Copper Marans lay gorgeous dark brown eggs.  We occasionally have chicks and ready-to-lay birds available.